Friday, March 02, 2007

Post-Game Thoughts, March 1 (Braves 7, Dodgers 2)

Said Grady Little, I'm not concerned about the pitching. I'm concerned about not executing plays." Hey, Betemit's two errors on routine grounders would have me a little flabbergasted, too. But that's exactly why we don't start announcing lineup decisions before the first spring training game is played! Little has already pledged support for Betemit at third, so we'll see if this ominous trend continues. As of now, Betemit is on pace to make 60 errors this spring training alone (and potentially 70, if he plays in both split-squad games on each of five days).

But no matter how flummoxed Little is, it shouldn't spiral him into awkward English. His quote would have been better structured without the "not" in the second sentence, to follow the construction and meaning of his first sentence. Come on Grady, even in times of duress, you've got to maintain the Queen's English.

Maybe these newfangled spring training hats (which look ridiculous, by the way, with that stupid secondary color on the side) are constricting the blood to his brain.

photo by John SooHoo/Dodgers