Friday, March 09, 2007

News from Dodgers 0.4 (aka The Mets)

Sanchez in Randolph's doghouse. Reliever's tardiness leads to one-day banishment from camp

In Willie Randolph's clubhouse, rules are rigid or they're not rules at all, but merely guidelines. As the Mets manager explained that Thursday, his back became rigid, too, his words became sterner, his displeasure became evident. And hours already had passed since Randolph had designated Duaner Sanchez "persona non grata" for a day in Mets camp. The rigidity within Randolph rarely is apparent because he seldom is challenged. But Sanchez has irritated Randolph this spring, first by being in less than optimum condition when he arrived in camp and, more recently, by repeated tardiness.
You know it's bad when Willie "It's a Lot of Meat" Randolph is dropping Latin.