Friday, March 02, 2007

Everybody Loves A-Rod. Except New York

From "Calling on A-Rod: Eight teams sought superstar; opt-out still possible" by John Heyman at

People familiar with trade inquiries made for [Alex] Rodriguez last summer tell that no fewer than eight teams -- some of them shocking -- asked about him. One person with connections to the Yankees identified the teams as the Angels, Dodgers, White Sox, Cubs, Giants, Phillies, Diamondbacks and Indians....

According to someone familiar with the inquiries, the White Sox and Dodgers were among the most persistent pursuers for A-Rod. However, should A-Rod hit the open market, many will view the Angels as the favorite. They are known to be searching for a big bat and have put themselves into position to acquire big players through a series of shrewd business moves. Additionally, the Angels have yet to make the "major" move club owner Arte Moreno foresaw heading into this past offseason.

Yankees: "Okay, we'll give you A-Rod if you give us Billingsley, Kemp, Kershaw and Miller. And Broxton. And throw in that Martin fella while you're at it. Oh, and you have to pick up A-Rod's entire contract."


Rob said...

This is not a trade. This is a Deliverance-style, squeal-like-a-pig voiding of a contract.

Would Scott Boras do that to the Yankees?

Would sharks eat a lawyer?

Orel said...

A-Rod, meet J.D.