Thursday, March 01, 2007

Alstott Re-Signing Leaves Fantasy Owners Confused, Geeky

It might seem like a rather insignificant story - Six-time Pro Bowl fullback Mike Alstott, one of the most popular and productive players in Tampa Bay history, will return to the Buccaneers for at least one more season.

But this re-signing has sent ripples through the fantasy community. Every week during the regular season, snuggled atop the waiver line between the IR guys sits Alstott. Sometimes, he has 3 yards and a touchdown (6 fantasy points). Until you draft him and get paid back with just 3 yards (0 fantasy points). Last season, he followed a five fantasy point outburst against the Browns with -2 points against the Seahwaks! Drafting Alstott turns fantasy football into Texas Hold Em': you stay in with a 8 and 4, just praying that River card gives you the straight. Then one flip later, you're sitting with a jack high. Mike Alstott. He is our blessing. He is our curse.