Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Breaking News! (Of the Off-Season Kind)

Blue Notes reports the Dodgers have landed their first free agent of the off-season:

This just in from Blue HQ- the Dodgers have signed Ramon Martinez to a one year deal with a club option for '08. Good for him. He made some nice contributions off the bench, and was always ready to play despite irregular PT. Not an easy task. Plus, he looks a lot like skateboarder Bob Burnquist, which is always fun.

Looks like Ned is just warming up the ol' wallet.


Steve Sax said...

Yay! We could use another starter.

Oh wait, it's the other Ramon Martinez. I guess we need another utility infielder who bats .270 (career; Dodgers last year was .278 BA / .339 OBP / .364 SLG).