Monday, November 27, 2006

Crazy Neddie Is At It Again: Wolf In Dodgers Henhouse

One year, $8M deal. Wow. Randy Wolf, a career 69-60 pitcher with a 4.21 ERA after eight seasons with the Phillies, cashes a big check after his worst year with 12 appearances and a 5.56ERA (granted, after surgery).

Believe it or not, $8M is a discount from his $9.125M 2006 salary.


Orel said...

That's the old Ned at work: higher sums, shorter lengths. Looks like Wolf is giving the Dodgers a hometown discount, as he probably could have swung at least a two-year deal with other teams.

Steve Sax said...

I wonder how long Pierre could have been playing for some other team. Ten years?

Lasorda said...

I like this move, especially the duration of the contract (insert Dreifort joke here). By the time the season starts, he'll be coming out of the post-surgery phase and should be a decidedly more effective pitcher than last season's stats would suggest.