Friday, November 17, 2006

2006 Playoff Shares: The Cost of Beimel

Just how costly was Joe Beimel’s bar tab the night he sliced open his hand in New York City, preventing him from pitching in the Dodgers’ fateful 2006 playoff series against the Mets? Let’s look at the per-player shares given to the teams in or close to the 2006 post-season:

Category Team Per-player share
World Series winner Cardinals $362K
World Series loser Tigers $292K
LCS losers A’s, Mets $124-141K
Division series losers Dodgers, Padres, Twins, Yankees $27-38K
Second-place, non-wild card Angels, Astros, Blue Jays, Phillies $10-12K

Amounts are based upon gate receipts from the first three games (ranges are due to the team’s discretion on how many player shares to allocate). The Dodgers, in specific, distributed an extra $27K to each of 50 players for their first-round exit. Had they beaten the Mets but lost in the LCS, they would have had ~$130K per player to distribute among the same 50 players.

I haven’t priced tattoos lately, but I think an incremental $103K buys a crapload of sappy broken heart tattoos. Thanks, Joe.


Orel said...

So that must be why Drew left—to recoup his playoff pennies.