Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Introducing The Fremont A's

For years, the mnemonic I utilized to remember the AL West was “COST” for California, Oakland, Seattle, and Texas. And then the Angels changed their city name to make the AL West “LOST.”

As of 2011, the A’s may have gone and f’d up the whole AL West mnemonic thing altogether. I mean, I don’t want to STiFLe what appears to be a pretty new ballpark design, but the "Fremont A’s”??? Or maybe "The Oakland A's of Fremont"? Yucch.

Maybe now the McAfee folks will get rid of those horrendous tarps on the upper deck (in the little time they have left).


Orel said...

Sad thing is, I can't tell if that picture is a Photoshop or not.

Steve Sax said...

Believe it or not, no photoshopping on this shot.