Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No Zito for Us

This item from Steve Henson's L.A. Times online "Dodgers Q&A" column:

Question: Now that the Dodgers signed Randy Wolf, will they try to sign the most expensive free-agent pitcher, Barry Zito?

Raphael Paredes, Los Angeles

Answer: No. Even before signing the left-handed Wolf to a one-year deal with vesting and club options, the Dodgers had no intention of pursuing Zito — despite numerous published reports to the contrary.

At least temporarily, General Manager Ned Colletti is soured on negotiating with super agent Scott Boras because one Boras client, outfielder J.D. Drew, opted out of the last three years of his Dodgers contract, leaving a gaping hole in the batting order. Boras also represents Zito, who is seeking a seven-year deal for more than $100 million. Colletti wants no part of those numbers and no part of Boras — until, of course, a Boras client is someone the Dodgers really want. Then, most likely, all will be forgiven.

Guess it's time to move those Zito eggs to the Schmidt basket.