Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rumors of Piazza to the Dodgers?

This was just posted this evening as an ESPN insider article, so I can't read the text behind the jump, but come on. This is ridiculous. Piazza and his 22 HR and 68 RBI are an improvement over Toby Hall's 2006 numbers, but what isn't? Piazza would be an unnecessarily expensive backup to Russell Martin.

This may make for a great Hallmark Channel special ("Atoning for a 1998 Mistake"), but it does not make sense for the Dodgers, with their many pressing needs.

And another thing. If ESPN is looking for carrots to dangle, in order to extract subscriber revenues from its site, one would thing they would at least put some meat on those carrots. Or something like that.


Orel said...

I'd love to see Piazza back in Dodger blue—but only at the right price, and he probably doesn't want another one-year deal. The A's seem to be a better fit.