Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rumor Mill: Bonds to the Rangers?

Talk radio yesterday evening said that the Texas Rangers were interested in having Barry Bonds DH for them next year, a rumor which wasn't picked up by the national press this morning. I can't imagine why a team with a 4.60 team ERA (8th of 14 AL teams, and tied for last in the AL West) would focus on hitting before pitching. But if they drive up the price for Bonds in his negotiations with the Giants, I'm all for it. Given the Rangers' history of overpaying for bats, this could be an expensive proposition for the Giants, who I still believe would hate to lose The Big 'Roid.

In other news, not to sound like, but Bonds was spotted in the second row of the Laker game vs. Minnesota on Tuesday evening. One witness said he looked "incredibly out of shape." This drama keeps on getting better and better.


Orel said...

Bonds to the Rangers makes more sense than Bonds back to the Giants. Then again, I'm not rooting for sense to prevail.