Sunday, November 19, 2006

Loney Expendable?

From Ken Gurnick's article about Nomar's re-signing:

Loney becomes expendable and tradable, unless the club decides his chronic knee problems are not serious enough to prevent a move to the outfield.

Say it ain't so! James Loney is one of the Dodgers' brightest young stars and has shown the potential to perform at the major league level. Trading him because Nomar and/or Kent could play first base would be shortsighted.


Steve Sax said...

Agreed. Let's recount the last couple years of these guys:

2006: 122 games played (75%)
2005: 62 (38%)
2004: 81 (50%)

2006: 115 games played (71%)
2005: 149 (92%)
2004: 145 (90%)

There is ample room for Loney, based on injuries alone. If you want him to play every day, move Nomar to third and trade Betemit.