Friday, November 17, 2006

Dodgers Close To Bringing Back Nomar (Pending Religious Background Check)

The LA Times reports that the Dodgers are close to re-signing Nomar Garciaparra for next year. As big of a risk it is given his second-half injuries in 2006, I hope the reports that it’s a multi-year deal are accurate, and that any contract incentives don’t have Nomar risking his health for bonus payments.

Given Nomar’s reported willingness to play multiple positions beyond first base, I also hope this doesn’t retard James Loney’s major league development. I don’t think it will.

And although my spirits are buoyed by this news, does Ned know that there are other people we need to sign besides the names on the 2006 Dodger roster?


Orel said...

"Nomar is a guy I believe that's deeply entrenched in the word of the Hamm." —Ned Colletti