Monday, November 27, 2006

Nomar and Mia Expecting


Some youth-sports coach is a few years away from hitting the jackpot--a roster with the offspring of major league dad NOMAR GARCIAPARRA, 33, and ultimate soccer mom MIA HAMM, 34. Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Garciaparra and retired Women's World Cup champ Hamm met at a 1998 charity event and wed in Santa Barbara, Calif., in 2003. The pair told the world (at least the reporters who hang around the Dodger locker room) that they expect twins. No word yet on gender or due date, but news of the first kid for both athletes leaves sports fans pondering pressing questions: Can you bronze teeny cleats? How many points for sinking a shot in a Diaper Genie? Can Derek Jeter be counted on to baby-sit? In any case, we're sure these babies will come out kicking.

Thanks to TIME MAGAZINE for the explanation! Scrooge McCourt and Ned Cratchit didn't resign Nomar because they didn't think that Loney wasn't ready; they resigned him because they didn't want to get scorched in the press when it found out that Mia was expecting twins and Nomar wasn't offered a job!

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