Monday, November 27, 2006

'Suke: Yucchy?

I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by the Daisuke Matsuzaka soap opera (train wreck?), but I had to chuckle when I saw the latest posting in’s Truth and Rumors section, which reports that the Red Sox and Matsuzaka are far apart in their initial negotiations.

The Red Sox and Daisuke Matsuzaka still have nearly three weeks to come to terms on a contract, but preliminary indications are that the sides may have to overcome an initial gap as wide as the Pacific Ocean. According to sources, the Sox' initial proposal was roughly half of what the pitcher's agent, Scott Boras, proposed.

It’s not that shocking that Boras’ asking price is high (we’ve seen his greed before). What made me laugh was thinking about Theo and company, coming off a $51.1M bid that was reported to be north of $10M in excess of everyone else, suddenly becoming parsimonius now that they're at the negotiating table. It conjured visions of paying $100K for the chance to sit at the high-stakes poker table at Bellagio, pulling up a chair to the big boy table, and then raising one’s opponent by two red chips, a peanut shell, and a handful of pocket lint. Somehow, the excuse that the ATM suddenly isn’t working doesn’t seem to be very credible at this stage of the negotiations. Or is it a sudden case of cold feet?


Orel said...

The Red Sox will get it done, if only to avoid the shitstorm of negative publicity that would ensue if Matsuzaka returned to Japan. I bet the Seibu Lions would even be willing to help out with a few million (so they can keep the rest of the $51.1M).

Lasorda said...

So how many Borus/Borat jokes are being lobbed around the offices on Yawkey Way?

Look, the Sox have the money, need the positive press after the Millar incident, and really want to have a presence in the Asian market (like the Mariners and Yankees do and the Dodgers used to). I think the hangup is really the length of the deal. Boras is willing to take the shorter term and get Mats on the open market, while Theo & Co. would like to keep the guy away from the Yankees for at least an extra season.

I think you'll see a deal done by the deadline - - with Nancy Drew tossed in as a Xmas bonus.

Steve Sax said...

So the Red Sox get a Christmas turkey as well!