Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Glass Shard Converts Beimel into Teetotaler

Today's L.A. Times column by Bill Plaschke is titled "Contrite Beimel wants to mend shattered hearts" and contains some remorseful quotes from Mr. Slicey himself:

On the effects of that ill-fated brewski: "I have not touched a beer since that night, and I don't plan on drinking alcohol again."

His apology: "I'm sorry to everyone for doing something that was really, really stupid."

His current drink selections? "Diet Coke or Red Bull."

Sounds like Ol' Slipperyhands is really, really, really sorry. I think he'll find fans can eventually forgive—but it's almost impossible to forget. Just ask Bill Buckner.


Steve Sax said...

I'd love to take a shard of glass to Beimel.