Friday, November 17, 2006

Red Sox Covet Premium-Priced Drew (As Well As Every Other Dodger)

Scott Boras is talking a big game, and the Red Sox are apparently interested. According to the Boston Globe, JD Drew’s price tag is four years, $56M. That's $3M/year more than the salary he opted out of (plus one additional year), if the rumors are true.

"That's the money we're hearing," said one National League general manager concerning Drew, a Scott Boras client. "It's getting a little crazy. I don't know if people will pay it, but he's a guy a few teams are eyeing and in the end, they'll probably come close to that."

The Dodgers are not one of the teams in the running for Drew, who is apparently of interest to the Cubs, Red Sox, and possibly four other teams.

The same article reports the Red Sox are also hot on Julio Lugo and “closely monitoring Eric Gagne’s rehab.” I thought that it was our own Frankie McCourt who wanted to build Red Sox West. Maybe I had it backwards. Or (more likely), maybe the Red Sox just think of themselves as in play for every free agent—a residual impact of Matzusaka Mania?


Orel said...

What's gotten into the Red Sox? Besides $51.1 million, that is.