Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mike Lieberthal Wants to Be A Dodger

LA Times reports that 34-year 11-month old Mike Lieberthal, who missed 95 games last season, wants to be a Dodger. He is willing to take $1M salary for a one-year deal, which is a huge discount from current $7M+/year salary run rate.

Heck, I want to be a Dodger too. Will Ned give me a call as well? I'm all for targeting people who want to play at Chavez Ravine, but I'm starting to think that Colletti is looking for his players by looking for old guys with a limp who are hanging out at the Silverlake Dog Park.

Okay, maybe this isn't entirely fair. As Steve Henson reports in the article, "[Lieberthal] sat out because of a strained left hip and a sore back, and had surgery to repair an injured stomach muscle in early October. However, he has resumed working out and is feeling good.

Guess I'll start working out and feeling good.


Orel said...

It's like the 2003-04 Lakers with Malone and Payton. Dodgers Reloaded, baby!

Steve Sax said...

And we all know how well that turned out.

Orel said...

A trip to the finals? You wouldn't want that for the Dodgers?