Wednesday, November 29, 2006

JD Drew Eyeing $3M/Yr Raise; Red Sox Drooling Over Dodger Prospects for Manny

"But Mr. Boras, you told me to bolt eastward!"

Looks like JD Drew is setting up for a five-season, $70M deal with the Red Sox, according to the Boston Globe. [Note that I wrote five-season, since he will likely play the equivalent of only three of those "years".]

Included in the article is Theo's list to Santa Colletti:

The Dodgers, because of their wealth of appealing young talent -- outfielder Matt Kemp, first baseman James Loney, third baseman Andy LaRoche, reliever Jonathan Broxton -- and their paucity of power are becoming a popular choice among industry speculators as a [Manny] Ramírez landing spot. But their position is still somewhere on the periphery, as they weigh whether they want to part with their kids. There were strong indications yesterday, however, that the Sox would pay at least a portion of Ramírez's salary.

The Padres are also in the hunt for Ramirez, potentially offering Jake Peavy or Scott Linebrink, as well as Adrian Gonzalez. Yikes.

I hope Ned waits until after the Drew deal closes (and the Daisuke Matsuzaka deal has evolved) before offering up any of our key prospects (I would hate to lose any of those four mentioned). If the Pads want to bite early, let 'em. The Red Sox will be more desperate to unload ManRam after they sober up from the other two deals.


Orel said...

I know Ned prefers experienced players, but Manny Ramirez on the Dodgers would make Jeff Kent look like Mr. Congeniality.

The Padres offering Adrian Gonzalez (.304/.362/.500) is pretty huge, as he could be their brightest young star.