Friday, November 24, 2006

Scratch Another Slugger Off the List

ESPN: Lee signs with Houston for six years, $100 million

Not that Ned was interested in Carlos Lee in the first place. Shockingly, Keith Law finds something negative to say about this deal as well:

The primary problem with his $100 million deal with the Astros is that Lee, 30, doesn't profile as the type of hitter who'll age well into his 30s.

Have any of this off-season's deals gone over well with the press? I guess sportswriters eking out a living find it hard to justify guys half their age signing nine-figure deals.


Steve Sax said...

So I take it you don't want me to link to the "Keith Law Signs 5-Year, $80M Deal" article, right?

The more ornery Keith Law is, the more I feel better about Juan No-Power Pierre.