Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pig Pen & Woody Are On the Move

MLB Trade Rumors fills us in on the movements of some old (in more ways than one) NL West friends:

It looks like Dave Roberts is going to be a Giant. This will save San Francisco fans from self-immolation over their front office's apparent inability to make stupid deals, and ensure that the Giants theme of "oldsters in the outfield" remains intact even with Steve Finley and possibly Barry Bonds on their way out.

In other news: Woody Williams got a two-year deal with the Astros for $12.5M. That seems remarkably sane, though I wouldn't plan on drafting Woody for your fantasy team. He had an okay year in Petco, but he's moving to one of the unfriendliest parks in baseball for pitching. If the short porch in left is going to do wonders for Carlos Lee, it's going to hurt Williams nearly as much.

Looks like Dave Roberts (age 34) is taking the Steve Finley route and trying to play for every NL West team, while Woody "Spielberg" Williams (age 40) just made sure Greg Maddux will get at least a two-year deal.