Tuesday, June 04, 2013

NL West Schadenfreude

While the Dodgers are invigorated from the recent call-up of wunderkind Yasiel Puig, our arch-rival, the Giants, are struggling with their own issues, namely under-performance in the starting rotation:

What was once the bedrock of two World Series championships has turned into a liability that threatens the San Francisco Giants' chances to repeat. Their rotation ranks third-to-last in the National League with a 4.89 ERA. Before long reliever Chad Gaudin came to the rescue with six strong innings in a spot start Sunday, the Giants starters had combined for three quality starts and a 6.54 ERA in the previous 18 games. USA TODAY Sports' Jorge L. Ortiz looks at the once-vaunted starting five and the issues they face: [...]

This story continues, including prominent placement in the print edition. Take a look when you're feeling sad about our Conte Cholera, as the Giants (also a Conte Customer) are reeling as well (albeit not to injuries).


Dusty Baker said...

Angels fail
Gnats reel

I just plain like it.

Dusty Baker said...

I think I Puiged my pants last night.