Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Is NOT An SoSG March Madness Comment Post

The Sweet 16 15 Round of SoSG March Madness is in the books.

Well, almost in the books. Neeebs and MLASC managed to tie in the first round, so there is a small matter of overtime to resolve before we can start the elite 8 round.  Sometime between 8am and 10pm on Monday, there will be a single, winner-take-all FDR Regional Semifinals Overtime Post to settle the tie, and then we'll be off to the Elite 8 round.

The results so far:

Clooney Region
  • Hideo Nomo (1) went bi
  • Spank (2) def. Fernie V (3) by 2:44
Alcott Region
  • Jason (1) def. Karina (4) by default
  • Eugenio's Streak (2) def. Steve K (3) by default
FDR Region
  • MLASC (1) def. Neeebs (4) by concession.
  • QuadSevens (3) def. Dusty Baker's Toothpick (2) by default
Freeman Region
  • Eric Karros (4) def. Johnny Blanchard (1) by 4:21
  • Wicks (2) def. Steve K (3) by 1:52
The Elite 8 will officially start immediately at the end of the overtime round, and run through Wednesday, March 21. Watch for comment thread posts somewhere in that window.

Update 3/18 - Results updated to show MLASC moving on.


Neeebs (The Original) said...

Actually I dont think its a tie at all. If its a tie, MRLASC wins because I had to beat him in round two, not tie him. However, based on the rules, MLASC commented in the dead time, which moves his comment to 8:00 am the next morning. That would make his comment on the sixth minute differential, giving me victory. There are no ties. I claim victory, but if you can justify a tie, then give the win to the Czar.

Hideo Nomo said...

Neeebs' argument seems solid to me. MLASC would have ha to post within the 10:00 minute for the two round times to tie. He didn't.

Eric Karros said...

EKsanity continues to blaze its way through the bracket.

BTW thanks Neeebs for letting me crash on your couch. Maybe invite your mom over for dinner next time?

Eric Karros said...

About the ruling...well yhe wrap-around example given in the rules leads me to believe the author intended that 10pm and 8am and all time inbetween be considered the same.

But the author also intended that the first and second half count equally despite he fact he wrote the halftime trailer must beat his deficit, as neeebs coorectly noted.

So I think the OT is a good resolution given how poorly written the rules were. Who the hell wrote that crap anyways?

In the end though stubbs is commissioner so his decision is final...

Franklin Stubbs said...


Per the rules, the window is between 8a and 10p, so essentially 8:00am would immediately follow 9:59pm as far as the game clock is concerned.


1st half: MLASC 5:24p - Neeebs 5:29p (+:05)
2nd half: Neeebs 9:55p - MLASC 8:00a (+:05)

I think the fans deserve to see an OT for the chance at another 1-4 upset, but I'll accept the concession if you insist.

Eric Karros said...

Yes I agree with stubbs' ruling. I can see how the rules can be interpreted differently, but what I think we can all agree on is that they were poorly written. Who wrote that crap?

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Fuck this shit.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

The clock does not move during the overnight 'dead time' between 10:00pm to 8:00am. Thus, if one competitor posts at 9:30pm one night and his opponent comments at 8:15am the next morning, it is considered only 45 minutes between comments.

Any comments posted during the dead time count and are considered to have been posted at 8:00am the next morning.

So I'm at 8:00, and Neeebs was at 9:55, and as inferred by the example, the time difference is five minutes. Ergo, it's a tie, and as such, I win.

Hideo Nomo said...

I think it's worth reviewing the "posts during dead time count" rule for next year. You can't shoot baskets during time outs in real b-ball.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

There are no ties. You have to answer the question: Can you post at 8:00am? If so, then you can post at 10:00 pm. Then 10:01pm would be dead time. If not, Czar wins. Fate is in hands of the Judges.

Fernie V said...

Hey am I the only one that noticed that Hideo Nomo is a homo, or bi- according to the post.

Franklin Stubbs said...


I calls it like I sees it.

Franklin Stubbs said...


The window starts at 8:00:00 am and runs through 10:00:00 pm. That's pretty clear in the rules. Therefore, posts after 9:59:59 (ad infinitum) are considered to be 8am.

As the acting Master of Revels for SoSG, in my judgment, that results in a tie score at the end of regulation, and that justifies the OT.

If, per Neeebs' original comment, he will still concede the win based on that outcome, I will forgo the OT thread and the Elite 8 threads will be up sometime between 8am Monday and 10pm Wednesday.

Franklin Stubbs said...

If I ever need to lawyer up, I'm calling Neeebs, though. My man sells the argument.

Franklin Stubbs said...


Except for the Free Throws, you mean?

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Through 10:00pm includes 10:00 pm. Between 8:00am-10:00pm would necessarily preclude both of the parameters. Its all or nothing. Unless there is a generally accepted standard known to the "industry."

Notwithstanding, I joined to help fill the bracket. I'll concede.

spank said...

Neeebs - The Al Gore of SoSG.


Eric Karros said...

My earlier comment on this disappeared...but for what it's worth, I agree with commissioner Stubbs' OT ruling.

I also agree for those who are thinking the rules were unclearly and ambiguously written.

The wrap-around example in the rules implies 10pm and 8am and all time inbetween are considered equal. So the score is a tie.

To Neeebs' point, the rules also state the halftime trailer must beat his opponents' score in order to not be eliminated, implying the halftime trailer would lose in the event of a tie. However, my sources tell me the author intended that there be indicated in the comments at 8:36am and 11:20am of that post.

So I suggest just do the OT and win it on the court, not in the courtroom.

And yeah, maybe revisit or clarify those rules for next year.

Eric Karros said...

I also suggest you boot whoever drafted those poorly written rules.

And I strangely like the fact that a controversy arose involving both the wrap-around dead-time AND a tie...though I eat the words in my 8:36am comment of the rules post "In the highly unlikely event of a tie..."

Dusty Baker said...

Let's have a two-man round of Assassins' Circle, no tears, zombie comments allowed, to decide the whole thing.

Franklin Stubbs said...

A quick update based on Neeebs' concession. We will forgo the OT thread, and MLASC moves on to the Elite 8.