Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Great Opening Day Seats Still Available...

...if you feel like overpaying. I'm not even talking about brokers, either. Check out the single-ticket prices for the home opener, on sale now through Ticketmaster:

Top Deck

Left Field Pavilion

Lower Reserve

Those pictures are a tad misleading, because the prices pictured include some of the Ticketmaster fees. Set those aside, and you have:

  • $30 for Top Deck, a 200% markup on the $10 base price.
  • $35 for the LFP, a roughly 100% markup on the $17 base price.
  • $45 for Lower Reserve, a 125% markup on the $20 base price.

That's NUTS. Is this new for 2012? The last Opening Day I bought individual tickets for was 2010, and those were priced the same as any other game. Is it common across baseball to gouge for Opening Day? Is this one last money grab for Frank on his way out the door?

It's also pretty sad that we're just a couple weeks away and there are still this many tickets available. The last thing this team's image needs is empty seats on Opening Day.


Franklin Stubbs said...

Isn't that part of the new dynamic pricing deal? I'm too lazy to do my research, as always. but I believe that it is.

Seems kind of like a little parting "Fuck You" from Frank.

Franklin Stubbs said...

As a matter of fact, we are primo among "Dodgers Dynamic Pricing" search results!

Go us!

Hideo Nomo said...

Ah yes, I ha forgotten about that. Will update post at earliest opportunity.

Jason said...

The Mariners started into the whole dynamic pricing thing this season as well. They priced the Dodgers inter-league series at the highest level. Upper deck, obstructed view seats are going for $40.75 with Ticketmaster fees for the series.

I am tempted to get seats in the Press Box Suite so I can "take care of" our Eric Collins problem.

Franklin Stubbs said...

Actually, I'd have no real complaint with this if I could go see a mid-week game against the Pirates for $2.75, but something tells me it doesn't cut that way.