Thursday, March 08, 2012

Donald Sterling Skimps On Copywriting (Part 1 in a Series)

For years now, I have been amazed at Clippers owner Donald Sterling's absurdity. Here is a man with incredible wealth, with ownership of a professional basketball team and a rich portfolio of real estate assets, who is looking to publicize his philanthropic efforts and donations. He places advertisements in the print edition of the Los Angeles Times with stunning regularity. One would think that these self-promoting efforts would at least create some semblance of goodwill about his noblesse, his philhanthropic nature, his kind heart.

Except that these ads are so poorly written, so rife with errors, so careless in their assembly and so horrific in their styling, that the end result goes right in the face of the objective Sterling is trying to achieve.

These ads don't make Sterling look noble and kind. Rather, they make him look like he's a cheap buffoon who can't even afford a high-school graphic design student or a proofreading computer program.

This first ad is the one I've been saving up for months; "Helping kids breath in LA" (in the headline, no less!):

And then, just yesterday, I saw this one in the LA Times. I mean really, two errors in one paragraph?

Sure, maybe Sterling won't spend minimum wage to get some monkey to pretty up his print advertisements. Who reads a print newspaper nowadays, anyway? But then why go through the effort and cost in the first place? And where is the publicist or personal assistant or lawyer or chambermaid to help save Donald from himself?

So I'm going to start running these when I see them, and tagging them appropriately. Unfuckingbelievable, that guy.


Fred's Brim said...

Yuck! These ads look like a combination of the front page of the New York Post and a used car ad

Franklin Stubbs said...

I could imagine Sterling as the secret love child of Rupert Murdoch and Cal Worthington.

Steve K said...

As someone who has the misfortune of living in one of Sterling's apartment complexes, I can attest to the man's cheapness.

Cliff Beefpile said...

Well, as likely the blog's only Clipper fan, I'd like to point out that I donate to charites often.

But yeah, his ads have always struck me as self-serving and insanely creepy. How the Hell did a guy like that come to own half of Wilshire Boulevard and a sports franchise?

Dave said...

Whenever I see one of his "luxury apartment" ads in the NY Times, I just assumed he wrote and laid them out himself. Anyone else would have been fired.