Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Man With The Monkeys Needs You!

SoSG reader Eugenio's Streak (né Central Valley Fan) is running the LA5K and Marathon for Think Cure this year, and is looking for sponsors, and he's thrown in an SoSG exclusive bonus!
Ok, I'm now 17 (Now 9 days, we're not in opening day form yet -Stubbs) days away till I run the LA5K and Marathon for the Dodgers ThinkCure! team. My own personal goal is to raise $2,000 so I get to 'Take the Field', a dream of mine since I was little, during the pregame. To encourage you to donate, I have made a very specific SOSG Fundraiser. I'm going to sell 4 different size Smonks. The 4 Smonkigos as I am calling them, will have the honor of running the races with me. Then they will be shipped to their owner. I will have a pic of me at the finish line with said Smonks attached to me. And each will have a COA for proof of how valuable they are. There is four different Smonks, sizes and prices are: Tall - $25, Grande - $50, Venti - $75, and Trenta - $100 Just click the donation link and under comments, list the size you want. Only one of each size will be worn during the race!  ("Tall" Size Shown In Pic, Hat Not Included)

You heard the man! Apart from the warm glow that supporting a charity brings, a sweaty primate can be yours, and prices have never been lower!