Thursday, March 29, 2012

Preseason Game 27 Thread: March 29 vs. White Sox, 1p

Another game against our cubicle mates. Wheeeee!

Harang vs. Sale (Our favorite word right now!)



Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Gordon SS
Ellis 2B
Kemp CF
Rivera 1B
Ethier RF
Fields LF
Uribe 3B
Ellis C
Harang P

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

ChiSox are using the DH, but the Dodgers are not. Interesting.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Dee Gordon called out on strikes.

Mark Ellis called out on strikes.

Matt Kemp strikes out swinging.


Hideo Nomo said...

Yeah, we haven't looked too hot so far.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I'll chalk it up to exhaustion with exhibition games.

Fred's Brim said...

yuck - 4 Ks for Matty, lots of oh-fors, no walks. Uribe's our best hitter right now.

MR.F said...

Great news!

I will hang around here more. I miss SoSG