Friday, March 16, 2012

March Gladness



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rbnlaw said...

It ruined my bracket, but I love seeing Duke suck it.

Not close to 11championships are ya, Dookies?

Fernie V said...

Haha, finally a story to divert your eyes away from my Syracuse (the OG #2 chokers) and their almost colossal miss step yesterday. I hate Fucken duke also, son of a NBA coach, you suck.

Steve Sax said...

It's great to see a French team like LeHigh win. Sacre bleu!

Fred's Brim said...

Well Lehigh officially started baseball season for me

I know every Duke team is unlikeable to you guys but I didn't even like this Duke team. I wish it hadn't gone down like this (I was hoping for a 10-point loss to Kentucky) but I am glad this season is over. The players weren't very good but I was fine with that. I just couldn't get behind the players and their shitty attitudes