Monday, August 22, 2011

Game 127 Thread: August 22 @ Cards, 5p

Nathan Eovaldi (1-1, 2.12) vs. Chris Carpenter (8-8, 3.68).

The last-place Dodgers limp into St. Louis having lost five of their last seven. The Cards, a distant second place in the NL Central and third in the wild card, need to make up ground, and fast. They're sending a resurgent Carpenter against the Dodgers' callow Eovaldi. Oh, and the Dodgers have a franchise winning percentage of .444 in St. Louis. But hey, at least today's game is on TV!

Sax's note: SoSG Alex Cora and I made it to St. Louis and are at the game today. We'll be reporting live from St. Louis!

UPDATE: The lineup, via Sax:

UPDATE 7p CT from Sax: From the St. Louis Cardinals press box. Sons of Steve Garvey, reporting!


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DodgersKings323 said...

lol LaRussa is a bozo for some reason that franchise lets him call the shots though.....

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