Saturday, May 07, 2011

No Man Is An Island (Except Frank McCourt)

John Donne may have to reconsider his theories.

With the MLB owners' quarterly meeting a week away, even Frank McCourt knows that trying to curry favor from the other owners is a lost cause:

Frank McCourt does not plan to address his fellow owners as a group when the major league owners gather next week for their quarterly meeting, according to a person familiar with McCourt's thinking.

McCourt has made his case for his continued ownership of the Dodgers in numerous media appearances over the last 10 days. The owners could override any decision by Commissioner Bud Selig to strip McCourt of his team, but the Dodgers owner does not intend to lobby them.

"He believes he's got an audience of one," said the person familiar with McCourt's thinking but not authorized to discuss it publicly. "The owners aren't going to turn on the commissioner." [...]

None of the other 29 owners has spoken out publicly in support of McCourt, and one said Selig has all the votes should he recommend the Dodgers' franchise be terminated.

"The vote would be 29-0," said the owner, not authorized to comment publicly because of the possibility of litigation. McCourt has not ruled out a legal challenge to Selig, most likely centered on the allegation that the commissioner has abused his powers.

29-0. Ironically enough, this sounds like the score of an upcoming Dodgers game, too.