Thursday, May 05, 2011

How Many Maydays Will The 2011 Dodgers Have?

The club is a putrid 1-3 in May, dropping two straight home series to sub-.500 teams to drop two games below .500. We've only scored more than one run once in the last four games. And the worst maydays might not be on limited to the first of the month, but to the final days of the month as well, as the LA Times (and WSJ, separately) claim Frank McCourt might not even have enough liquidity to make it to June,:

The Dodgers currently do not have enough cash to meet payroll through this month, potentially accelerating a showdown between owner Frank McCourt and Major League Baseball.

The cash shortage was confirmed Tuesday by two people familiar with the matter, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the possibility of McCourt filing suit against MLB.

McCourt received a $30-million loan from Fox last month, which provided funding for the Dodgers' two April payrolls and is expected to carry them through the first May payroll. The second May payroll, due at month's end, is the one that appears problematic at this time.

If McCourt were to fail to meet payroll, the league would cover the expenses and would have the option to seize the Dodgers from him, according to one of the people familiar with the situation.

McCourt is still holding out hope that this mega-deal with Fox, signing away decades of future Dodger television revenues in exchange for cash today, will be approved by Commissioner Bud Selig and MLB. Only in the last couple of days did it emerge how desperate Frank McCourt might be, and how close the end might loom. If the LAT and WSJ are right, then we may have many more maydays to come. And soon.

Dum, da dum dum. DUM! (More on this, this morning.)


Steve Sax said...

Why are there no badges available for this morning's Houston @ Cincinnati game?


MR.F said...

31, just like everyone else.


Steve Sax said...

ouch mr f

Nostradamus said...

Does anyone else suspect that this might be what MLB is counting on?