Thursday, May 12, 2011

Game 39 Thread: May 12 @ Buccos, 4p

Drakes chillin' y'all!

Jon Garland (1-2, 3.66) vs. Charlie Morton (4-1, 3.13).

Hi, I'm one of the ducks on the field during yesterday's game at PNC Park. Yeah, we catch most of the Buccos' home games. Eat that, season-ticket holders! But you know what? Even I don't know who Charlie Morton is. Charlie Morton? Is that what happens if Willy Wonka owned a salt factory? What? Anyway, Charlie's faced the Dodgers only once in his career, in a game he started (and lost). That's right, ducks can use Baseball Reference! Anyhoo, can the Dodgers overcome the injury mallardies that ail them? Will there be web gems in today's game? Can I get a beer here? Just put it on my bill! Ha ha ha! I quack myself up!