Monday, May 09, 2011

AL Rolls Seven Fives

Big hat tip to Yahoo's Big League Stew for noticing this in yesterday's AL games: all five games had one of the two teams scoring exactly five runs:

On Sunday, each of the seven games on the American League schedule featured a team that scored exactly five runs — four winners and three losers. The rarity almost didn't happen either as the last game of the day featured the Chicago White Sox needing to score three runs off the Seattle Mariners in the 10th inning of their 5-2 win.

From the Associated Press:

It was the first time in 18 years that such a quirky thing happened with a full schedule. On Aug. 10, 1993, all seven NL games featured one team scoring precisely two runs, STATS LLC said.

The last time it occurred with five or more runs was July 20, 1955, when all four AL games had at least one team score exactly six, STATS LLC said.

1955! Unbelievable. And also unbelievably cool that someone got this shot of an out-of-town scoreboard (I assume this is Citizens Bank Park, from the late ESPN game Sunday).


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I'd take a 5 any day!