Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Fourteen-Year Itch


Ethier: single.

Kuo: 2/3 IP, R, BB, E.

Furcal: BB; on the receiving end of Marlon Byrd's heads-up play in the ninth.

Broxton: S.

Ethier: Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images; Kuo & Furcal: Stephen Dunn/Getty; Broxton: Jeff Gross/Getty


Fred's Brim said...

Fred's Brim's Deep Thoughts, the morning after:

That was a great first-baseman's stretch by Raffy to get that huge out at second!

David Ortiz runs like Shrek

I am glad HCK was let off the hook. I like that dude and wouldn't want that loss on him, especially that way. I felt sick to my stomach after that throw to the ballboy down the first base line. I am amazed that Manuel would play him even though he was the last guy added. Makes me think that Charlie C-Bag didn't even know who he was and somebody had to tell him that he kills lefties.

That poor bastard Thorton though - I wish he wasn't the goat. The goat should be Yankee great Phil Hughes, but people will forget that. Maybe they should look at his career 54.00 All-Star Game ERA (smallsamplesize, look away now, this is to bash a Yankee so it's allowed)

Tim McCarver still sucks but I enjoyed how he was trying to dig himself out of the Torii Hunter/Rally Monkey pit of perceived racism

MeanieBreanie said...

Nice to see that the NL's dry spell is finally over. Dre and Raffy were looking good.

I think everyone felt bad for Kuo. Of course when he missed the throw to first the announcers immediately compared him to Mariano Rivera echoing he had done the same thing. They let him off the hook with the comment that "Pitchers are used to throwing to the plate. They often times cannot throw to base". Glad it turned out ok for him.

Betsy said...

Was in Anaheim last night wearing Dodger blues, felt awesome to walk out of there and seeing them give us the evil eye! Great way to end my birthday.

MeanieBreanie said...

Heppy Belated Birthday. I hope your day was truly special!

MeanieBreanie said...

Oops, meant to say happy

Kyle Baker said...

Happy birthday, Betsy!

Way to represent!

rbnlaw said...

Good to see Dodger all-stars actually have a hand in the victory while the Angel all-stars were largely silent.

Loved Hunter's K to kill the rally in the 7th.

Kyle Baker said...

Loved Hunter's weak, offline throw allowing Rolen to take 3B, too.

Kyle Baker said...

All work and no baseball make Dusty... more.

Dusty sad.

Fred's Brim verbose.

karina said...

@Betsy Happy Belated Birthday!

karen said...

@Betsy Happy Belated Birthday

Thanks for representing at the A last night!

Fred's Brim said...

Fred's Brim ready for second half of the season

Josh S. said...

"Ethier: single."

You just got a lot of ladies (who don't pay close attention) very excited.

MR.F said...

Happy bday Betsy!