Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wednesday Notables

photo by Chris Parent/LSU Athletics


Kyle Baker said...

Saw an article last night where FB (the reliever not the frequent SoSG reader) said he liked LA and wanted to stay here w the Dodgers. He seemed to have his mind in the right place, realize that he's had a down season, been willing to work to get back to form, etc. I hope he does. He looked downright ecstatic down in the bullpen last night - I could tell by his body language every time I glanced down there.

Josh S. said...

A quick note about last night (that Dusty can expand on, if he chooses to):

There were beefy security dudes posted at every aisle entrance on the Reserve level. This was noticeable because there was no such security on Ethier bobblehead night. I figure it had something to do with potential problems from Laker fans, but I'm not sure.

My bro-in-law witnessed a near-riot on the Loge level. There were about 50 people gathered around one of the concourse TVs that was showing the Laker game. All of a sudden, the game was turned off and they were told to disperse. He said they eventually did, but not without encouragement from several security officers.

Kyle Baker said...

Yeah, security was out in force last night. And the ushers were back. Maybe - like pricing - they have dynamic security this season?

After Josh and I met up for awhile, I went to get a beer and noted a couple hundred folks crowded around a small monitor showing the laker game. This was on the reserve level. Everyone was behaving pretty well and security was in full effect, but unmoved to do anything as long as I stood there and caught some NBA action. In LA, in that situation, I would think turning the TV OFF would cause more of a ruckus than just letting well-behaved fans enjoy the last few minutes of the game. I actually made mental note of what a great LA experience it was - Dodgers/Lakers fans joined together to group root; people of all colors and from all places around greater LA and from all backgrounds, all having a good time and talking to each other.

Josh S. said...

And now, an Ethier News Network special report:

Dodgers draft Andre's brother Devon in the 32nd round.

Also, if Dre somehow manages to have 5 plate appearances tonight, he'll be back on top of the NL batting average list.

MR.F said...

That's cool.