Monday, June 21, 2010

PCS Season III 1st-Half Prizes!

As you know, we love to give Dodgers stuff away here on Sons of Steve Garvey. And, as usual, we are offering prizes to both the 1st and 2nd Place Puzzlers for the 1st half of PCS Season II. The 1st place finisher gets his/her choice of the following two prize options, and the 2nd place finisher gets the other one. Your options are:

  1. Option 1: Thanks to the fine folks over at, we are awarding a Sons of Steve Garvey 3G iPhone cover!

    Coveroo designs custom covers and cases for your mobile phones, allowing one to choose from thousands of designs or even upload one's own artwork. It's a simple process to order your design online (and they have four Dodgers logos one can choose). We tried out the ordering process here at the SoSG offices, and it worked perfectly.

    Well, coveroo reached out to us a while back to see if we wanted to offer a special prize to our readers: a Sons of Steve Garvey 3G iPhone cover (printed on an incase hard shell):

  2. Option 2: For those who prefer a more cerebral and/or less tangible opportunity (or for those who don't have a 3G iPhone), the 2nd prize option is, as usual, the chance to create a future PCS Puzzle! Have all your puzzle rivals wrack their brains over your creation...just ask Jose, Mr Customer, UBragg, or Josh S how much fun that is!

Thanks again to the folks at Coveroo, and good luck to you puzzlers! Prize winners to be determined and announced in next few days.