Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Notes

Eric has traded his shades & beanie for a respectable sports jacket.

  • SB Nation has started SB Nation Los Angeles, and guess who's the site's editor? That's right, none other than Eric Stephen. Congrats, Eric! Now we have the pleasure of reading Eric's writing about the Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, UCLA, USC....
  • Apparently there was all kinds of choking going on at Dodger Stadium on Sunday. Thanks to SoSG reader MeanieBreanie for forwarding this TMZ nugget: Lawyer Gets Clutch Save at Dodgers Game.


Josh S. said...

A couple other notes of interest:

-The universe has punished the Phillies for their vote-rigging by sending Utley and Polanco to the DL.

-Last night was Houston Street's first save opportunity of the year. That's nuts.

Kyle Baker said...

Please don't make me read anything about the Angels, Eric!

Steve Sax said...

I love this part from Eric Stephen's bio:

"He was at Game 2 of the 1988 World Series, but not the Kirk Gibson game the night before because of a surprise birthday party for his sister. But don't worry, he's not bitter about it."

Congratulations, Eric!

Greg Zakwin said...

Josh- Never fear, Manuel will just put Eric Bruntlett and Juan Castro in the ASG.