Friday, June 25, 2010

Dodgers Clubhouse Tunage

The June 28 2010 issue of ESPN the Magazine had a cool illustration (by Chris Dent) and article interviewing the Dodgers players about their clubhouse music preferences. If you're an insider, you can see the whole article here; if not, here are some snippet highlights:

Bobby Cox has long had a policy: If music is to be played in the Braves' clubhouse, it's going to be played through headphones. Hard to argue with the rules of one of baseball's all-time winningest managers, but when it comes to locker room tunage, he's in the minority -- and, considering his team's recent postseason slump, he might want to reconsider the stance. Just listen to what propelled the Dodgers from playoff outsiders to two straight NLCS appearances. "When I got here in 2008, music wasn't allowed in the clubhouse before games," says LA third baseman Casey Blake. "That changed with Manny. And we started to win." [...]

How do the Dodgers keep harmony in the clubhouse? We'll let them tell you.

Rafael Furcal Shortstop

Manny often plays his own thing down at our end. After games, it's great to hear Miley -- it means we won. If I hear it and it's not after we've won, I don't like it.

Russell Martin Catcher

Whoever gets to the iPod dock first picks the music. Seeing that Matt's locker is next to it, it's usually him. I have no clue how we got started on Miley. My guess is Casey Blake. He has three daughters and probably likes the song more than they do.

Manny Ramirez Leftfield

No comment. [...]

James Loney First base

I'm the best deejay here. My iPod has everything. It goes from John Legend to T.I. to Stevie Wonder. The weight room has a bit of different feel. We'll rock out a little harder there.

Hong-Chih Kuo Pitcher

The music ... is good.

Justin Miller and Jeff Weaver are also cool with Miley's "Party in the USA". Carlos Monasterios wants more hip-hop. Casey Blake wants more Mettalica, which Weaver would also support. And Garret Anderson said he "really [doesn't] care." That's the team spirit, Garret! Enjoy that .193 BA!


Greg Zakwin said...

Of course Garret doesn't care, he's just lucky as hell to be in a major league clubhouse.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Maybe someone has been sabotaging the team lately just to avoid the music.

Kyle Baker said...

"I have no clue how we got started on Miley. My guess is Casey Blake."

Snap! JMart with the dis.

This is great stuff. Now I'm already pumped for the game. A little of the spirit that was gone during the week is now returning.

I'm sure the Yankmes will crush that, but there's a spark now.

Kyle Baker said...

Weaver just keeps requesting more Aerosmith.

Kyle Baker said...

Rosenthal: Trade Kemp

"A young star the #Dodgers should consider trading:"

MR.F said...

I'd probably punch Ken Rosenthal in the face if I ever saw him in person.

Kyle Baker said...

I'd like to smush his tiny face into a sinkful of poo.

Paul said...

Jeff likes Ugly Kid Joe.

Paul said...

Who would you rather have pinch hitting C.C. or GAARP?

Paul said...

Now I am right.

Padilla let's give them a show.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I could try to punch Rosenthal, but I wouldn't want to crouch down to my knees.

Kyle Baker said...

Yeah it would be like beating a child.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

@DB. Did you mean Gary Wright, rather than Aerosmith?

Dream Weaver Rocks.

Nostradamus said...

Good thinking, Paul.

In honor of the return of winning, VP and Futurama, I'm banishing the baboon.


Paul said...

Off I go.

I am 2-0 this year. 8 out of the last 10.

Josh S. said...

I still think Tulo's an idiot for using "Party in the USA" as his walk-up music, but I'm strangely OK with it as a Dodgers victory song.

I mentioned on VSIMH yesterday that Tron's official song should be MJ's "Workin' Day and Night."

Josh S. said...
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Steve Sax said...

For those of you looking to punch Ken Rosenthal, I feel the need to remind you that it would be difficult to punch him below the belt.

Kick, maybe. Punch, not so much.

Yippee-ki-yay, Mini Sirloin Reporters!

Josh S. said...

Kick, punch, it's all in the mind.

spank said...

Would the animal rights activists come after you for beating up a gremlin?

MR.F said...

Speaking of tunage, I'm going to see Pavement tonight.