Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Dodger Blue Father's Day

The scene at Dodger Stadium earlier today. Sorry we missed you, Josh!

Right on, sir or madam!

On a sadder note: MuriĆ³ el padre de Rafael Furcal (; thanks to Karina for the translation)

Silvino Furcal, father of baseball player Rafael Furcal, passed away on early Sunday morning at a hospital in Dominican Republic where he was interned for three weeks after he was received a horse's kick on his thorax.

A family member informed that the patriarch of the Furcal family passed away around 2 am (ET). The funeral will be held between Sunday and Monday at Loma de Cabrera, in the north frontier of Dominican Republic and Haiti, where most of the family live.

The father of Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman had to undergo surgery for the great damage in the internal organs and fractures caused by the kick of a horse he tried to saddle in the family's ranch.

Silvino Furcal was interned at a hospital in Valverde Mao, a near city from Loma de Cabrera. Rafael Furcal proposed to move him to Los Angeles, but the idea was discarded for the patient.

The Dodgers placed Furcal on an special inactive list on Thursday before the last game of a series in Cincinnati. Right now it's inaccurate to determine how much time the player will spend in the Dominican Republic before he joins the team.

On Tuesday, they start a series against their neighbor rivals, the Anaheim Angels. [note from Karina: quoting here, no kidding]

Furcal, who is hitting .305 with nine stolen bases and 28 runs this season, was at his better offensive moment of the year before he traveled to Dominican Republic. The second baseman had five hits on Tuesday and was batting 26-9 (.349) in his last five games.

Our condolences to Rafael Furcal and his family.


Josh S. said...

I'm sorry too!

I'm in the first picture!

Orel said...

I thought that was you!

Josh S. said...

I thought it was interesting that they had hardcore security on one side of center field, but you could just walk back in the other side (by the food) with no one hassling you.

Josh S. said...

My pics.

(I'll cross-post these in the GT since everybody's likely to hang out there.)

Kyle Baker said...

Awesome pics, Josh! I almost want to have a couple kids just so I have a reason to go to this event!

Josh S. said...

You don't even need a kid, DB! I'll throw the comically-undersized ball around with ya!

Kyle Baker said...

What sort of ball was it Josh? A wiffle ball?

Orel said...

It's a foam ball with faux stitching.

Josh S. said...

A teeny tiny ball, at that. Think stress ball.