Friday, June 18, 2010

Boston Too Melancholy To Boo Manny?

That Game 7 NBA Finals loss, the one which prevented the Celtics from earning a World Championship banner, the one which represented a second missed opportunity to close the series out, the one which gave their hated archrivals, the Los Angeles Lakers, a 16th championship title? Surprisingly, that bitter defeat may have deflected some of the vitriol away from Manny Ramirez's return to Boston today:

Yet, as much anger as there is in Boston regarding Manny Ramirez, and as much gratitude as there is, it is clear that even his former teammates aren’t quite sure how the weekend will go, how Ramirez will be received, how he will greet them, what will be going through his head.

“I don’t know if he would remember that I’m the manager,’’ Terry Francona said.

Said David Ortiz, “I haven’t talked to him in a while. I even had problems talking to Manny when Manny was here. I don’t know what was going on. It was fun.

“But you see him just like you’ve seen him every day. He’s got the same love for everyone, that crazy attitude that everyone knows. I think it’s going to be cool seeing him again.’’

The Red Sox appear nonplussed. And locals are split, with only a slight majority of Red Sox fans saying they'll boo Manny today at Fenway (11K votes in).

Maybe that loss took all the fight out of them. Maybe it's too hard to boo with gusto, when tears are still streaming down one's face.

We'll see, this weekend.


MR.F said...

Really hoping for a Dodgers sweep, or at least a series win. LA needs to keep beating Boston.

rbnlaw said...

I hope the fans are respectful after Manny goes yard on that BoTox pitching staff.

Unknown said...

After being the sole Laker fan in a bar packed full of (Eventually solemn) Celtic fans last night, I am on my way to Fenway tonight to rub it in. Sporting my LA stuff with pride!

If I had any ingenuiety, I would make a model version of the O'Brien trophy to parade around the paahk tonight, but alas, I don't...


MR.F said...

Good work Andrew! Way to hang in there!

Steve Sax said...


MR.F said...