Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dykstra: "I Was Steroids Pioneer"

On top of being a car wash pioneer. And a bankruptcy pioneer.

A new book about Lenny Dykstra's financial history reportedly includes the former Mets center fielder's first admission that he used steroids while in the major leagues.

"I was like a pioneer for that stuff ... The juice. I was like the very first to do that. Me and [Jose] Canseco," Dykstra says in the book "The Zeroes: My Misadventures in the Decade Wall Street Went Insane," written by Randall Lane.

Philly.com reports Dykstra, who won a World Series with the Mets in 1986, started using performance enhancers during his time with the Phillies. He confessed to Lane while watching Roger Clemens' testimony to Congress in 2008.

"At first it wasn't even illegal. Then, after a few years, I had to go to a doctor, and get a prescription," Dykstra says in a book excerpt. "You know how I got my stuff? Just walking into a pharmacy, bro. It was as simple as that."After helping the Phillies to the 1993 World Series, where they lost to the Blue Jays, Dykstra signed a four-year, $24.9 million contract extension, the Philly.com report says. He did not play another full season after that.

Dykstra, now under scrutiny for a stock picking scandal, told Lane, "So I needed to do anything I could to protect my job, take care of my family. Do you have any idea how much money was at stake? Do you?" Lane concludes: "What Lenny Dykstra really did, by his own admission, was steal $25 million. He had duped the Phillies into that contract based on a completely manufactured performance. But he didn’t view it that way."

I think in the year 2010, there are few things more shocking than a player admitting he took steroids. A publishing pioneer he ain't. Way to be ahead of the curve, Nails.


Unknown said...

I'm shocked! Some guys you just never expect. Who is next, Bret Boone? Now that would be a surprise!

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

If there's steroids in pudding and ham, then Pablo Sandoval might be next.

Kyle Baker said...

What more shocking is that he had all that scratch and couldn't find a way to manage it responsibly. How hard could it be?

Nostradamus said...

What a tool.

Steve Sax said...

I don't know, Mr C. Wasn't his reputation to be a tough nut?

spank said...

Nails should go into business with Pippen. There's a winning combination for ya.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

There's a lot of money in car washes!

I tried to find the interview where a bankrupt Dykstra (who I think was squatting a house he no longer owned) showed his financial security by taking several hundred dollars out of his pockets.

Unknown said...

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