Monday, June 14, 2010

At-Game Recap: Dodgers vs Cardinals (June 8, 2010)

Sorry for the late post, but I have been rather busy. I was, however, able to make it out to the park on Tuesday, June 8th for the Broxton Bobblehead night. We secured some top deck seats early in the year (which I heard later that the top deck was sold out) and arrived right on time. Mrs. Cora and I got out bobbleheads, hot dogs and drinks and sat back to enjoy the view.

The stadium seemed a little sparse due to the Lakers playoff game. In fact some of the fans that were there were at the top deck store watching the game or were prepared with their portable televisions. We had a radio that we shared with the guys next to us, but updates of the Laker score were traveling through the fans faster than a Broxton fastball. In fact, when the Lakers won, there was a loud cheer throughout the stadium.

I loved watching this pitching duel with Kuroda versus Carpenter. And watching Pujols strike out THREE TIMES was pretty sweet. The last strikeout against Broxton was epic. It reminded me of when I was able to watch Clemens versus Griffey at Great American Ballpark (with Sax and Delino too!) in Cincinnati. Off the field, that botched wedding proposal (fake or not?) was pretty funny and sad at the same time.

As for the bobblehead, mine looks like it has a case of torticollis (anyone else with this problem?) with his neck tilted to the left. What I love about it the most is that the box is wider than the other bobblehead boxes in honor of Broxton's presence / girth, however the bobblehead itself seems to be the same size as the Either bobblehead. Anyhow, had a great time at at the game and was nice to bring home another bobblehead for the slowly growing collection. Go Blue!

Kuroda with the pitch - I love this view.

A Dodger and Cardinal fan sitting together. Awwwww

At the top deck store - Laker and Dodger pride at the same time!

My torticollis Broxton bobblehead. I love the extra large box (compare it to the Either box).


Dodgerbobble said...

I got two Broxton bobbleheads, and they both have terrible paint jobs. Last weekend, at the Broxton appearance in Koreatown, I saw a few other bobbleheads, andthey all seemed to have thebad paint jobs on the back of the helmet and jersey.

Maybe this was a bad batch of bobbleheads.

Alex Cora said...

Yeah, the paint on mine has some scratches. I haven't been collecting for very long, but I think last year's bobbleheads were a little nicer - Manny x 2 and my Kemp.

Greg Zakwin said...


That game was awesome. That proposal was just....weird. And probably somewhat fake.

Oh, and just to finish our conversation from the Ely Event post:

Unknown said...

I have one and the pant and everything is perfect except the box it's been trough Hell but he's in perfect condtion