Sunday, October 05, 2008

Selig Fires Salvo Over Potential 2009 Ticket Price Increases

For once, I find myself in the unusual position of either agreeing with Commissioner Bud Selig, who spoke out today warning MLB owners to be careful with price increases next year given the economic downturn; or (more likely), Selig is just making a public statement with full knowledge that the owners will disregard his counsel anyway:

MILWAUKEE -- Given the state of the U.S. economy, baseball commissioner Bud Selig warned team owners Saturday not to "get too cocky" and overprice game tickets.

"Because you do pay a price," Selig said.

Speaking before Game 3 of the NL playoff series between the Philadelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers, Selig called 2008 a "phenomenal success" for baseball despite a decline in attendance that Selig attributed to bad weather and high gas prices.

But Selig acknowledged concern about a prolonged economic downturn and how it might affect the sport next year.

"I think anybody in every business is concerned," Selig said.

I think this is great advice, as I get chills whenever I hear the Dodgers commercials telling fans that if they buy their 2009 season tickets today, they can "lock in 2008 prices."

Perhaps if Dodger fans get the reciprocal request to "lock in 2008 lineups," including Manny Ramirez, Derek Lowe, and Rafael Furcal, it might be a worthwhile trade?

As an aside, Selig also cited the presence of Tampa Bay and Milwaukee as reflections of the positive impacts of revenue sharing, and competitive balance within MLB. Ah, okay, except five of the other six teams are from Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago; the Wild Card added two teams to the playoffs, and two small-market teams made it this year. Seems like a zero-sum game to me.


Loney Fan said...

I agree with you on those commercials Sax. I love how they are jacking up the prices and trying to tell us that we are getting a deal. All we have to do is buy an entire season worth of tickets now and then we don't get screwed! How nice of them!