Thursday, October 02, 2008

Panic, Chicago Fans; You're No Longer in Control of the Series


Cubs not looking much like the NL's best team (Dayn Perry,

A tragedy of errors (Rick Telander, Chicago Sun-Times)

Piniella in a slump, too (Chris De Luca, Chicago Sun-Times)

Cubs feel pressure wherever they turn (Carol Slezak, Chicago Sun-Times)

Do-or-die turns into slow death for Cubs (Mike Downey, Chicago Tribune)


I like the Cubs—when they're not playing the Dodgers. So it's nothing personal when I say we have to go for the kill on Saturday. No mercy!


Earlier: Calm Down, Chicago Fans; You're Still In Control Of The Series


Everybody pile on!

Bad night has Cubs staring at another wasted year (Gene Wojciechowski,

Cubs doomed not by curses, but themselves (Jim Caple,

Cubs' postseason run has fallen well short of expectations (Danny Knobler,

Wretched at Wrigley (Jeff Passan, Yahoo! Sports)


Even the Onion is getting in on the act!
God Savoring Vast Array Of Cubs-Cursing Options


QuadSevens said...

This is exactly what I had in mind yesterday. I think on Saturday Dodger Stadium should allow fans to bring in signs that simply say 101 in big bold print.

Chicago must suffer!

Stephie V said...

This post is so much better than yesterday's. I was really worried Billingsley would get rattled but I'm glad it was Chicago's offense instead :^) With Saturday's game coming up I still haven't decided what costume I should wear to the game... I'm debating between a goat and father time lol. GO DODGERS!

Orel said...

Hey Stephie, I hope your goat or Father Time is wearing Dodger Blue!

Stephie V said...

Always, always, and always!