Friday, January 11, 2008

SoSG Shouts Out to China Fanbase

...though the funny thing is, it can't hear us. The things you learn when you travel...

SoSG's own Steve Sax has spent the last week in China, both in Hong Kong and Shanghai, walking around the streets with a sandwich board in an attempt to drum up more readers for Sons of Steve Garvey. And as it turns out, one is blocked from SoSG (and assumedly all blogger blogs) in Shanghai, though Hong Kong readers can access our site without restriction.

This may affect how many Hong-Chih Kuo posts we write in 2008. Xeifrank, be forwarned. It's not like we're not trying to give the people what they want.


Xeifrank said...

How did you like China? I haven't been to Shanghai or HK yet... pretty modern cities eh?

DT was blocked on my two trips to the mainland, or it could be I spelled the URL wrong on both trips?

Guo's fanbase is pretty much all in Taiwan, so we can keep up all the Guo posts.

I will market our local Dodger blogs on my three week China tripped planned this Sep/Oct.

Would be interested to see any trip photos.

vr, Xei

Steve Sax said...

Xeifrank, tell me where I should send the sandwich board. Din Tai Fung already has a big SoSG sticker in its window (as of Thursday).