Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Transformers: Destroys Dodger Stadium Infield, Confuses Sax

So I'm a little late to view Transformers, last summer's blockbuster movie. And I'm already biased against the movie since they have a meteor-like object (which turns out to be a friendly robot, but still) land right in the middle of Dodger Stadium, disrupting the pristine field (luckily, no game appeared to be in progress, but the stadium lights were on for no apparent reason (maybe Frank McCourt was taking BP?)).

But I don't understand, when Optimus Prime is recounting the tale of his home planet Cybertron becoming overrun by Megatron and other evil transforming robots, didn't it ever strike him that a group called "the Decepticons," with robots named "Devastator" and "Bonecrusher", might not share his outlook of peaceful coexistence on planet Cybertron? It might have merited a thought, before they overran his planet and forced him and the rest of the Autobots to flee.


Eric Karros said...

SoSG nerd factor just saw a 10% spike

Steve Sax said...

Wait a second, I can do that graph

Orel said...

I know! We're usually so not nerdy.