Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When you're Romo, you get Jessica. When you're Shane..

...you get a shout out in the WWE. Earlier this week at the Comcast Center, formerly the Wachovia Center, CoreStates Center, and First Union Center (aka The F.U. Center), Shane Victorino got an honor that makes rounding third with Alyssa Milano pale in comparison. In front of the smartest one percent of this country (aka a horde of screaming Philly wrestling fans), the Phillies outfielder made his sports entertainment debut.

Philadelphia is the known as the City of Brotherly Love. And if any place in the world would give Jillian's singing a warm response, it would be Philly. Right? Guess again. Led by Philadelphia Phillies' ballplayer Shane Victorino, the Wachovia Center fans gave the wanna-be songbird a serenade of their own.

Subscribers to WWE Mobile on AT&T had a front row seat for the musical interlude. If you are not a subscriber to WWE Mobile, you missed seeing the exclusive footage first.

DAMN YOU VERIZON!!! YOU ROBBED ME AGAIN!!! Not realy sure who this Jillian is, but Shane really showed her!