Friday, June 08, 2007

Boffo vs. Da Bums Week Six - Preview

Handsome guys. Sequels. Penguins. Torture. Yep, that's this weekend at the Box Office. Ocean's 13 stands to make a hecukva lot money, because everyone in the universe wants to sleep with Brad Pitt and/or George Clooney. (It's okay to admit it... though I swing more Elliott Gould myself). The Delino prefers his Ocean's 11 movies with the Rat Pack and NORMAN FELL! But I neither run nor bankroll Hollywood. Which is probably for the best - how many sequels to Red Dawn, Over the Top and Roadhouse does the world need.

Also opening is Hostel Part 2. I rented the first one, and about the time the sixth body part got slowly removed in close up, I began to hate myself and the $3 I could have put towards PinkBerry. Throw in another frikkin penguin movie, with STONER penguins for the kids, and you've got a weekend at the box office worth skipping.

Luckily, the Slumpy McChokes are facing the always Canadian Toronto Blue Jays. Dustin McGowan takes the hill tonight. I'd tell you something about him, but google led me to pictures of Rose McGowan, and a half hour of my life just disappeared. Shaun Marcum brings his 4.06 ERA on Saturday. According to

Marcum exited Sunday?s start against the White Sox after just three innings due to tightness in his back.

I like those odds! Roy Halladay pitches Sunday, which usually would result in one run total, but he got destroyed last week. Prediction - Unless all children get amnesia and forget they just saw Happy Feet, the final score will be

Ocean's O. Dodgers 1.


Orel said...

This Is Slumpy McChokes Baseball.

I like it. Call Drew McCourt!

Steve Sax said...

Is Norman Fell looking at Juan Pierre as he folndles that plunger?

Steve Sax said...

Can you post some of those Rose McGowan sites, btw?

Rob said...

Angela Dickenson in that Oceans 11 poster reminds me of some Brit who was in a lot of B-grade sci-fi in the early 70's... who the hell am I thinking of?

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Darth Sidious?

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

I mean, Count Dooku?