Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bring on this Little S--T !

The Red Sox are coming to Los Angeles, in a one-time pre-season battle in the city's second worst sporting arena, and you can get your tickets here. (Note: We do not endorse the website Goldstar, and they sure as f--k don't sponsor us). I hope I can get my usual USC season tickets behind the endzone, so I can catch a towering Juan Pierre dinger.

I'm normally cautious of exhibition matches. In the WWF, it was a cheap way for the champ to lose and still keep his belt. But as Rocky Balboa showed us, an exhibition battle can lead to twelve rounds of blood, sweat, and slow motion montages.

I'm missing the old whining, martyr Boston fan. Hopefully this season will end their cocky veneers, FOREVER! And what better place to start than the same stadium where Raiders fans regularly pummeled everything they touched (including their chances of keeping a football team in this city).


Xeifrank said...

Thanks for the tickets link. I want to buy tickets, but they don't say where the seats will be. Seems like a strange way to buy tickets. I'm thinking of waiting until the assigned seating tickets go on sale. Thoughts?
vr, Xei

Orel said...

Shall we start a Van Der Beek label?

Rickey said...

10 points for the Vanderbeek crying photo. Rickey approves of this blog and will return in the future.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

thank you stolen base king! Steve Sax reminded me that the coliseum does have 100,000 seats... so it might take a little while to sell out. I know very little about that website, so it might be worth calling them to see if you can find out the seats.

Eric Karros said...

Somebody get Van Der Beek some Ex Lax