Tuesday, January 08, 2008

James Loney Is Everywhere

James Loney is everywhere! In addition to riding on the Dodgers' Rose Parade Float, he's been a man about town. From Inside the Dodgers:

James Loney visited Mattel Children's Hospital and spent some time with the young patients there. He was in town for the Rose Parade and asked if he could go back to the hospital again, having visited it earlier this year, so it's great to see our young players getting involved in the community on their own.

He asked if he could go back to the hospital. He asked!

From the LA Times (reg.):

Dodgers first baseman James Loney attended practice and played a game of H-O-R-S-E with Sam Cassell.

Predictably, the basketball player trumped the baseball player.

"If he is out here shooting jumpers with you, then you have to try and hit a curveball with him," quipped Neil Olshey, the Clippers' director of player personnel.

James also attended Thursday's Lakers game. From Roman's Empire:

The most ridiculous moment of the night came when James Loney did an in game interview with Joel Myers and Stu Lantz. Either Loney is really, really soft spoken, or he was high as a kite. He must have said a total of 15 words in like 10 questions. The highlight was of course when he was asked to describe th adjustment between Houston (his hometown) and LA.

"Out here people try to get their hustle on," he said.

We hope James is more soft-spoken and less busy getting his hustle on. Glad to see he's got the Hollywood thing down by being seen all over town. Let's just hope he doesn't start spending time with Dr. Phil.

photo by Juan Ocampo/Dodgers